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About green robin farms

Our Mission

At Green Robin Farms, environmentally and socially responsible farming  begins with trees — what’s on top of them and underneath them, as well as what they produce. Combining techniques of the past with current research, we are experimenting with ways to grow better, healthier food while preserving and increasing the health of the land.

Green Robin Farms is integrating maple, berries, mushrooms, and herbs into a diverse, resilient forest supporting a robust wildlife corridor and vibrant bird population. By reintroducing native plants, we strive to reduce wildcrafting pressure on endangered and rare species. We believe that agroforestry is crucial for our future, and our pledge is to always grow with intention.

Our Principles

We are integrating organic farming techniques in a way that benefits future generations while contributing to the longterm health of the forest and the people who depend upon it. Green Robin Farms focuses especially on culinary and medicinal plant use, building opportunities for the wider farming and food communities.

Regenerative Agriculture
Green Robin Farms is looking ahead to the future with our eyes in the trees and under them, re-introducing valuable native plants to the forest understory and experimenting with techniques and plants that can repair past damage to the land. By doing so, we are developing an agroforestry model that can weather the invasive pests, diseases, and climate stressors that are the new normal.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Green Robin Farms. It is a necessity for all of us, essential for our planet, the economy, and our local community. Part of our mission is to demonstrate how protecting the water supply and enhancing biodiversity can also be an economically viable way to farm.

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